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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cottage 29 Goes To Contract

This is a fantastic little home with a very unique and niche floor plan. Like many of our homes, you just won't see anything else like it, no matter how far and wide you travel.

This 2 bed 1.5 bath Cottage on almost 8 acres is 3 miles outside of Eldred, and 3 miles from Barryville. It's one of our only finished homes that is (or should I way, 'was') for sale.

It's most unique feature is the open wrap-around stair case. The wrap-around snakes around the chimney, which is stone from the base to the roof.

We used a lot of salvaged wood in the wainscot area, as well as all the posts and beams for the staircase.

It's an interesting house. We furnished it to help with the visualization, but to be honest, not many of our clients at this point need help with the creative side of the process.

We build a lot of homes, and a lot of them are started and sometimes finished without a reserved buyer. But we never hold onto them too long - someone always comes along who finds the home speaks to them personally, privately and sincerely.

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