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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finishing Up, Punch Lists and Great Insulation

That's James up above, in our Ecotech Spray Foam booth. All of our homes now come with spray foam insulation, high efficiency gas boilers and a lot of times, on-demand hot water heaters. We thought spray foam was so great that we went into the insulation business - and now serve the entire Hudson Valley region with our soy-based, 47% renewable insulation.

Like a dummy who left his brain in the Big Easy, I forgot to snap a pic of the exterior of Cottage 34, which is closing in 30 days. But I did manage to grab a few shots of it as we start the final push towards completion.

Our process is pretty thorough since our clients are pretty picky - we go so far as to cleaning the house thoroughly before asking the painter to come back in to do his touch ups - that way he doesn't need to deal with dust or dirt or accumulated dirtiness.

Here's the guest bedroom with a sliding barn door that looks out over the steps, and out the back side of the house (yes, I said back side for all you immature readers).

And the other bedroom in the 9am light.

From the stairs through the house - note the reclaimed posts, the cable rail and early american floor stain.

And the duel bath with duel sinks and duel built-in medicine cabinets
- I was asking Bryan the future owner which sink he was going to use-

For all you frequent and long term readers, you may remember this floor plan from Pedro and David's Cottage 23 - we just enlarged it a bit, and of course tweaked the interior design and palette per Bryan & Heather's aesthetic. Funny story about David and Pedro, who live behind me off of Crawford Road. They used an ingenious technique to extricate themselves from a tricky situation when their car wouldn't budge from the ice they were stuck on - they peed around the tires and melted the ice. I mean, I didn't go into detail like how long or how many pee trips they had to make, or if they had to keep going inside and drinking water and coffee....

And Farm 15 in the mid-morning sun. Rails on, lights hanging.

A lot of guys in the kitchen, hooking the gas and electric up for the stove, running the water for the dishwasher and refrigerator, punching a hole through the wall for the range vent and then hooking up the electric to it, finishing up the tile for the kitchen (with the fancy racy black trim tile).

It's always darkest before the storm, as the above photo shows.

Thru shoot of living room, dining room and kitchen. This house was inspired by the Halley Farm 12, which was inspired by Farm 6 over in North Branch.

Fireplace leading into the Study.

Tito loves working with me so much he's all smiles. That's a pretty common emotion, - just ask Deborah my book-keeper of 6 years.


  1. to answer your question, i'll be using the sink on the left. i am sure that heather will want to be close to that insanely large storage closet. by some nyc standards it could easily be considered the 3rd bedroom.

  2. That's a good one BL. Lot's of room for hair products, gels and fancy soaps... and guests, I guess, in a pinch.