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Monday, March 14, 2011

Flood, Farm 15 and Cottage 34 Finish

Lots of water around after the rain storm and snow melt off. Above is runoff water fall, typically nice but typically not related to Niagara Falls.

The Delaware River was bloated as well.

Here I am with Norm, and two new future homeowners, Matthew and Sarah. 15 acres and a Cottage. We tramped around in the rain showers in the woods - funny sight, umbrellas in the woods. I'm sure the locals got a big kick out of us.

Cottage 35 is moving right along and it looks sweeeeeet. It's also for sale $285k 2 beds, 1.5 baths, 5+ acres, screened in porch, wood burning fireplace, front covered porch, full basement, a few miles outside of Narrowsburg.

1st floor shot...

2nd floor shot...

Big bedrooms with wood ceilings.

And then Farm 15 down below. Believe it, this is not a black and white photo - just the coloration of that morning.

CR really brought this one home with some great subtle straight-forward design choices.

In the end, trim gets painted black to finish it off.

Just about finished on the inside and had our first final walk thru with the Code Enforcement officer - in the 5 months it took to build this house, the person in that position has changed 3 times, which makes life unpredictable at best.

Here we are at the front door, looking through the dining room into the kitchen -

Great kitchen.

Living room.
Through the french doors into the Study.

Powder room.
Upstairs foyer with wainscotting, big windows and a simple rail.

His and Hers, while standing in the shower.

Guest bath below.

We should be finishing up and seller 'er off by month's end. Shooting for an April 1 closing date. Can you say 'bringin' another one in for a soft landing."?

And then Awesome Cottage 34. I love this design - we've done it at 1275 sq ft, 960 sq ft, and now pushing 1450 sq ft.

You can see the cleaning ladies' arsenal in the fore.

And down below, for the first time on the blog, we present Igor, Town of Tusten Building Inspector. Nice kitchen/dining area with sharp neutral tones.

Most of the extra square footage was gained in the living room and bedrooms.

Rustic post and modern cable rail. Fireplace to the right, and entry and kitchen to the left.

The guest bedroom, with sliding door for Xtra view and light.

Another day, another dollar. Another month, another home sale.

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