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Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 Closings on Thursday (or Just another day)

It's warm, it's sunny and it's a good day here at the Farm (Catskill Farms). We started 2 houses yesterday, and sold two of them today.

Above, the happy new homeowners standing on the porch of Cottage 34. it's a winner, for sure.

And the cleaning ladies giving the house one final scrub.

I've built this classic at 960 sq ft (Susan's Cottage 20), at 1280 sq ft (Pedro/David's Cottage 23) and now at 1480 sq ft for Bryan and Heather's Cottage 34.

I think its about perfect.

And then old Cottage 29 left us today, and will welcome new homeowners tomorrow. So congrats to Melissa and Gabriel.

Some vintage salvaged reclaimed barn flooring used as wainscoting was a nice touch even if I say so myself.

A big powder where we painted the floor a nice old country grayish blue.

It was a great morning to snap photos with the sun dynamic after a few days of crappy cold rain.

7+ acres of big country living.

Good bath with subway tile and a bluestone vanity top.

A nice stone detail going down the cellar staircase.

And a big-ass basement.

That's 2 more houses closed in 2011 - keeping us on pace to kill it in 2011, shattering all heretobefore records for sales of cool ass country homes outside of NYC.

Little time to rest - we are going to be busy this year.


  1. The Catskills cool quotient just went up by 4...congratulations. -jk

  2. Welcome one and all to the Catskill Farms family - taking bets to see who starts commuting from Sullivan County!