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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rock and Roll

Wet, dreary, lots of rain and limited progress, for us. Of course, we did start and get two foundations in the ground and are kicking the Yankee Lake renovation in the ass, but oh, give us a little dry weather and we will really be off to the races.

Here are the cement boys pouring the slab at Ranch 5 on one of the few sunny days we've seen.

And a couple of cute shots of Lucas in order to keep this whole blog cute and warm and fuzzy feeling. He's playing nicely with Ruby who will turn on man, woman or child on a dime with a quick sideways claw stroke. Having been rescued from one of those 'have a heart' traps in the Brooklyn, she came to us smaller than my palm and mean as a whip. We were concerned for the baby at first, since her unpredictableness was a bit concerning. But now it's one big happy family with Jake the lab, Lucas the little boy and Ruby the cat all combining to create quite the daily circus.

I think this was a picture of Lucas killing time after being stuck inside for 4 days (actually 4 months) because of the crapola weather - just before we went on big road trip to Scranton PA to the Steamtown Train and Locomotive museum (with a quick stop a Old Good Things afterward).

He's cute, happy and healthy.

Construction is under way at Micro Cottage 4. Dean just started framing it the other day and by tomorrow he will be wrapping it up.

And another mid-century version of country living - Ranch V is 750 sq ft, and 1 bedroom on just under 5 acres. it even has a roofed car port.

And Farm 16 will go on the below 8 acre piece of property shortly. A 3 bedroom mix version of Cottage 21 and Cottage 28.

And Farm 11 goes on this nice 12 acre piece of land. this was a house we designed a few years back but never got around to building it - it's one of my favorites and I've been dying to build it.

And then Cottage 36, with a full finished basement on this 15 acres of land.

Barn IV is ready to start as well, and this one should be a real winner at 1300 sq ft of lofty living.

With 2 more to build in Saugerties NY and another couple in Sullivan County and this is shaping up to be the Year of Construction.

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