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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring, Weddings, Visitors, and other RSMT (random saturday morning thoughts)

Winter's been so long and spring's been so nasty that this 58 and sunny Saturday is being met with a lot of happy feelings and happy thoughts - so much that I'm just leaving the weather report up on the computer. This past week we had snow, frost, ice on the windshields and other generally depressing weather events. It's been real annoying and causing a lot of havoc with our blp (best laid plans).

This summer, two more Catskill Farms homeowners are gettin' hitched, so that will make 3 weddings in the last 2 years. And if the laws were more liberal, I'm sure we'd have more weddings since we have sold a lot of homes to our gay clients over the years. Being at this for 8 yrs now, we've seen a lot of life events drive past our window.

Holy smokerenos, March and April have been busy - I mean, if my marketing motivates 3 or 4 people a month to come up and visit us, that's always been a pretty good measure of success. Since early March, we have had literally 4-6 clients a weekend, more or less quadrupling our typical showing schedule. Like I said last year, I should get a little bus to tool around in and the homeowners who are so generous to allow us to view their homes (mostly all of them) should charge some admission fees and everyone would be doing just fine.

Of all those visits, we've got 6 homes presently scheduled to start in the spring, and who knows what the month of April will bring.

Today I got appointments at 10, 2:30, and 3:30 then have to be out of the house by 6 with my son Lucas since Lisa has a ladies only book club where not a lot of book discussion ever seems to occur. Tomorrow, got an 11:30 then a double team at 1pm.

Another TV show called last week who thought we would make a great 'Flipping Out" of the east coast. He said all we needed was a gay guy in the office - he says the networks are always asking 'where the gay guy is.' I told him maybe we could turn the stereotype on it's head by doing a creative straight guy for once. Either way, there is no doubt that between our employees, our clients, our vendors, and subcontractors we have enough personality to fill an epic mini-series like the new Kennedy's drama. I told him it's doubtful we'd be interested, - we are busy and our first commitment of energy is always to our customers (I love LIOT on a Saturday morning)(laying it on thick).


  1. Now that the plow truck is idle for the winter, maybe we should bolt on a couch or two in place of the salt spreader. Nothing like invigorating some prospective clients with some fresh country air and great houses...jk

  2. That's a great idea - and would save me the expense of buying a short bus (although I could just rent yours, James).

    Is that even still legal, to ride in the back of the truck? I remember growing up we used to stick the whole baseball team in the back.

    75 degrees today.

  3. Denise@Cornerstone TileApril 11, 2011 at 6:42 PM

    speaking of fresh country air...I was in the neighborhood this past Friday night and Saturday and stopped in a few really cool country stores, Bridgewater Merchantile and Global Home. While leaving BWM, I ran into two of Catskill Farms homeowners, Van & Eric. They love their new home and had rave reviews about their shower! ;)
    Also on Friday evening, on my way up to your neck of the woods, I followed a very famous, Strokes member ( identified by his pimped out Range Rover). I figured he must of been heading to his CF home retreat for some R&R after their concerts in NYC this week. Good Job keeping Sullivan County Rockin with Celebs and Happy Homeowners!