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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yankee Lake Renovation

Interesting job came our way from our good friend David - a good sized renovation on Yankee Lake. We took a kinda hurtin' house and are turning it into a thing of beauty.

I mean, it's a gut renovation, everything is being removed and even new window and door locations. It's one of those houses where everything was just a little wrong - the decor, the layout, the fenestrations. So what the hell, let's improve it and improving it we are.

Before we got started with James and Curtis checking it out .

About the only thing that will be left standing is this original fireplace. These old lake shacks are always a surprise, and this one bigger than most. Structurally, it just started out as a very small one room house, and over the years became a weirdly laid out 3 bedroom 2 bath. And it was just pieced together almost haphazdardly - so one of the big challenges is just stiffen it up structurally.

That's Kevin the architect, and Job the demo guy.

We made fast progress stripping it down and removing what needed to be removed - which was more or less everything.

One of the best lakefronts I know of and of course one goal of the renovation is to open of the lake views from the house, which were pretty much blocked by the interior layout prior to our construction.

You can see all the add-ons and patch work over the years, demonstrated with the varying roof lines and odd angles. Almost looks like a planned modernist endeavor, but not quite.

So we blew out the front.

Demo'ed her down the her bones...

Another picture of the house once the front was removed. It's always darkest before the storm.

This pic below is the prior to use ripping the front face of the building off. They call that siding 'poor man's siding', cause it's that type that comes in a roll, have a brick pattern to it, and you just kind of roll it on, nice and easy like.

We ended up adding an addition, as well as sistering new timbers to the existing for strength.

New 1/2" osb plywood over the existing planking for strength.

And a good pic of the new section being added to the front.

Well, that's about it. Quite a challenging little project but a great design and a stubburn construction company won't let much stand in our way of progress.

Roof and windows go in/on today.

More pics later.

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