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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun Helps

Barn House IV commences, located with our other homes up above Lucky Lake, outside of Narrowsburg, NY. Pictures of the footings being stripped above.

This house will come with this shack that was on the property when I bought it. Not sure if I will convert it into a tool shed, or a little sleeping shed, or maybe a bunk house, or a writers shed, or a piano shed or whatever. You could hang a sign out front - 'When the Shack is a rockin', don't come a knockin'".

Cottage 35 is just about finished and now that the buds of the impending leaves are beginning, this house will really come into it's own. Few more interior details and we should be good to go. It's for sale and will be a good one to have in inventory over the Spring and possibly the summer.

The circle driveway really brings this one home for me.

The old Shack, with it's little woodstove, that'll heat the whole house. Red Metal roofing panels for the firestop and local bluestone for the hearth.

And the one bedroom Mid-Century Ranch on 4 acres that borders 1200 acres is coming along nicely. Should be hot, not in a Reese Witherspoon way, but in a young porn star way.

I think I mentioned the Car Port.

And Heather's Micro Cottage 4 coming around the corner. I think we started it like 3 weeks ago and now we are ready for insulation.

And Norm the excavator and Mike the excavator are busy putting in long windy drives for Cottage 36 on 15 acres and Farm 11 on 12 acres.

Do you know there are 42,000 sq ft to an acre and 45,000 sq ft to a football field so an acre is just about a football field. Interesting, not?

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