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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cottage 22 Gets Hitched (and endearing pics of Lucas my son)

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows we have struggled here and there with some of our early customers. I really don't make excuses anymore for since while we played our part in the drama, we certainly weren't the driving force of most of the inanity we suffered through. But as we have gotten better and there are more layers of insulation between me and every single little issue and problem and situation, most of the issues we deal with are put to bed relatively quickly and painlessly. James is a real master with the clients.

So, it's a real marker of our progress as a company to be invited to Courtney and Bronson's wedding the other day. They were our first customers on Tuthill Road, proud owners of Cottage 22, and pioneers of the open basement stairwell look that has reinvented our small homes.

So they got married down in Tribeca at Duane Street Park and it was outside and pretty classy, avoiding a lot of the pomp and circumstance that can really confuse the purpose of the day. It was very tasteful, certainly full of class, and had that one thing that is real hard to achieve - the real affect of intimacy and affection. It wasn't a small wedding, but it was intimate, where the love of the people getting married, and the love of those who were there for them - was palpable and defining. It was cool, especially when Courtney got up at the music venue they rented in the lower east side and professed her love for Bronson - that is what they call a teachable moment. it was great.

They invited their two dogs along, and I got say those dogs aren't typically that well behaved, but they were on this day. I love the story they tell of riding up in the old jeep Cherokee (or something like it) and the electric window motor on the passenger side didn't work - only the driver's side could control it - and the gaseous dogs would be smoking Courtney out and Bronson wouldn't put down the window - I love that type of 10 yr old humor - really works for me.

And from my window in Times Square.

Then, when it was raining every frickin day and we were just trying to get a little post painting down and one of our dumb efforts was to keep them dry with plastic bags - and then some immature person said this is what they 'look like with a condom on' - referring to the undersized bags - I was like 'really'? Grow up for once.

And then Sunday was guys day and Lucas and covered some serious territory. I like to include pics and stories of Lucas cause it makes me seems soft and cuddly as opposed to the total arrogant sob that is rumored to be more accurate. It's all just talk -

Here's Lucas saddling up the bar at Baker's Tap Room in Yulan.

Then we traveled up to Apple Pond Farm in Callicoon Center, and checked out the horses, goats, chickens, etc... he's sporting his 'love stinks' shirt and boots with eyes on them.

then we came across this crate of horns and skulls. We saw Van and Eric of Cottage 31 fame at Apple Pond Farm - they were taking a tour of the farm and some of the energy efficient techniques they use - Eric, the Times writer, just published a fun article on the hotty tennis player Maria Sharapova -

And Lucas back at a cottage I own with Jake and his bone.

And then, when he just couldn't go anymore, the all-in big nap.

We got a lot going on - and the weather has been terrific.

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