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Friday, June 24, 2011

Marriage and Construction

Ok Bryce, Thom, Dean, Pedro, David, Cheri, Mark, Jim, Justen, Jason, Andy, Tammy, Sasha, Tracy, Christopher, Matthew, Jeanne, Deb and all the others and even Gavin McInnes (who just came out last week) - congratulations on the big big win yesterday as the State of New York approved the gay marriage bill. No one knows better than us here at Catskill Farms the commitment of the Partners we see come through our door, irregardless of orientation. I can hear the wedding bells already and I'm clearing my calender cause there ain't much doubt that there are a lot of weddings being planned at the moment.

Once again, I'm short on time and don't have the luxury of developing some genius blog post like i typically do, but all is good except the torrential and kind of scary rain we've been receiving. All the homes are moving ahead and it looks like we might even have a deal on Barn IV (I'll know better once they get back from Europe - lol). I have no idea when I become so cool, but obviously, to be selling to the people I do on a day in, day out basis - it's hard to argue with my cool factor being pretty high.

Couple of Lucas sleeping photos to soften everyone up a bit -

and Micro - Cottage IV rounding the final bend - under contract and set to sell shortly.

Mid-Century Ranch V - pretty fricking cool and for sale for $220k.

Cottage 35 is for sale and swanky at $285k.

The Barn IV is coming together, just finishing up the sheetrock phase. Putting a deal together as we speak.

Cottage 36 is insulated and ready to rock. Under Contract.

Spray foam insulation in all of our homes means, simply, they are twice as efficient as a typical home, meaning, simply, that they cost half as much to operate, meaning, simply, more bread remains in the pockets of our homeowners. Security systems, low heat alarms, on-demand hot water heaters, spray foam insulation, wood burning fireplaces - what have you, we got it in our homes, standard.

Farm 11 taking shape - under contract.

Cottage 37 outside of Woodstock NY moving along - footings are in and foundation soon to follow. For sale at $375k, though we do have a hot (and kind of famous) prospect.

And Joe and Katie's Farm 16 going up, up and up some more.

Screw it - torrential and kind of scary rains be damned - we only know one tune and it's totally Rock and Roll.

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