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Friday, June 17, 2011


"Problems are the price of progress. Don't bring me too much good news - it weakens me " - good quote by someone, and I agree with it.

Chapin Estates sent out another eblast saying they were really super double dog serious that these new cottages (whose 'time had come' no less) coming to the market were all-inclusive and included everything and nothing would be extra and it was just a great opportunity and call/email now to our 24 hr live chat and while you are at you can order Time Life's Vietnam history box set, and/or the 7 cd Doo Wop compilation. And just in case you didn't believe this once in a life time opportunity to be a 2nd class citizen in a gated community, their offices will now hold extra long hours from 9-5 (umm, wait, that's the same hours as before).

Like I have said many times, I love it when people underestimate the intelligence of their clients. I built a house in Chapin once and it turned out fantastic and remains probably one of the more interesting homes in the damn place but the whole dealing with the sponsors (Steve and Howard) and the whole rigged architectural review process (they can do everything, you can't do anything type of thing) was just not really the best use of my time or resources. Anyways, no one knows better than me their disdain of modesty and affordability, so I'm not sure why they are pulling out all the stops on this one (oh yeah, they are trying to revive some pretty dismal sales figures).

Now, more about us. We are rocking it, but I don't have time for a lot of bull-hornery since it's Friday and I got plenty of places to be (none of them directly related to work).

so, let's just quickly review -

Cottage 37 in Saugerties - foundation starts next week.

This house - Farm 11 - literally started construction like 4 weeks ago.

And now we will be insulating in a week. Now that real.

and the homeowners in their glory - Mimi, Eamonn and baby Jack.

Farm 11 was designed 2 years ago by James and me and we just love it death and are super excited to be building it, and actually standing inside of it. It's on 12 acres, outside of Narrowsburg.

And Cottage 36, aka Cabin 1, aka Matthew and Sarah's country escape on 15 acres. This house literally started 5 weeks ago. I hate the ask rhetorical questions, but seriously, who's the man?
(Matthew, feel free to chime in).

Framed, roof on, windows in, rough electric/heating/plumbing/a-c complete, siding started. insulating on Monday.

And the barn house - super cool, for sure.

Spray foam insulation is standard in all of our homes, reducing the cost of heating/cooling by at least 50%.

That's it (or more accurately, about half of it). Gotta roll.

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