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Friday, July 22, 2011

Cottage 36 (and Texting abbreviations)

Ok, so I've doing a lot more texting now that I got my new Iphone back in March. Before that I had some stupid non-email, non-text phone, where when someone sent me a text, responding was so laborious that typically I just needed to pick up the phone and call them back (PIK - pathetic I know).

AFAIK (as far as I know), I'm dragging tail on the text abbreviations so I've decided to pick up my game and printed out a 'text abbreviation cheat sheet' and now drive everyone nuts with my abbreviations.

Anyways, ADAD (another day another dollar) - Here's Cottage 36 making some good progress. it's a very smart use of 2000 sq ft - it's got a little of everything - 15 acres, 2 story loft space in the main house, and a built out walk out basement. Cool house for a mom, dad and two young kids from Rye - Westchester County, NY.

It's a fun design that Matthew the patriarch of the family broadly envisioned from early on.

Big back porch is planned with an outdoor fireplace and screened section.

This past week the septic went in (see machine in background), the well went in (250 ft, lots of water per minute), and the stone guys got set up.

That's my new dump truck I bought last winter. A real winner in terms of meeting the needs we bought it for - plowing, dumping, salting, loading, etc ....

That's Job, one of our star guys (no, this isn't some dumb intro plot line for a bad porno flik - it was just hot outside)

Speaking of, it was hot outside, like 100 degrees in the shade.

Mudroom area with salvaged wood as wainscoting. the sheetrock and wood wall coverings are finished and we are starting the flooring today.

Upstairs looking down.

Master Bedroom.

And a finished basement.

Talk about living large.

It's BAU here at CF, and GGOH.

(it's business as usual here at Catskill Farms and I gotta get out of here).

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