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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yankee Lake House and Barn IV

Our renovation on Yankee Lake continues apace, with a finish date expected for Mid-August. We started this project back in April, gutted it to the bone, did an addition, raised the roof, and put her back together again with the help of Scott and Erica, the owners.

The interior was cramped with a weird flow, but it had one very unusual saving grace - very high first floor ceilings. it allowed us to remake the place.

And then Barn IV is coming along nicely, just entering the interior painting phase, and just entering a sales contract as well. Pete Kestler dug our well yesterday - he builds airplanes and flies them in his spare time.

It's a walk-out, which is always nice. We have the scaffolding up and ready to clad the chimney with stone.

The interior is big and lofty and sports two bedrooms and two full baths. This Barn was modeled after Gary and Nikki's Barn III. We relocated the bedrooms and kitchen on this one.

Lots of open space and super high ceilings.

Upstairs we installed some french doors and a big window in the bedroom, so when guests aren't around, the room can be opened up and be one with the rest of the house.

Actually two distinct living spaces - one upstairs, one downstairs.

Painting, then the electrical gut up, then the kitchen, then the floors, then the tile, then the plumbing and heating and then wallah, two new young hip savvy successful homeowners in Narrowsburg, NY, home of the brave.

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  1. You guys do good work. Suggest better Blog format, Wordpress probably. And a better photographer on some of these. I should know. Best

    In case your social media arm is not fully extended yet :)