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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Micro Cottage 4 Has Left the Building - Sold

Here's part of the Barryville Chamber of Commerce at the ribbon cutting of Bryce and Thom's new store named, appropriately enough, REGION. They carry local one-of-kind type useful items like a beer making kit, bluestone cutting stone, pickled stuff and lot of other good and unique stuff. I think Bryce was a pretty fancy luxury retailer before he built a house with us, caught the fever and now is up here more or less full-time. Congrats.

Micro Cottage 4 is all finished up and turned over the Heather and her son. Big times planned for this small home that lives real large.

It's really one of those 'good things come in small packages' types of things - cedar shake siding, screened porch, 2 cool screen doors, wood burning fireplace, stone chimney chase, back patio, 2 bedroom, etc...

I'm sure there will be many a grand entrances through this door.

And the sunlight striking the house melodiously. (trying to be over the top, fyi.)

Nice clean design and aesthetic.

I think we started this house in April or so.

And a pic from our trip to Yosemite the other month. I think this was on top of El Capitan.
Nice work Heather. it's one of those dreamy little houses I think will bring you lots of joy and memories (christ, who put something in my drink this morning? I need to go yell at someone or write an uncalled-for mean email and snap out of it!)

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