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Monday, August 29, 2011

Mid-Century Retro Ranch V

James, our project manager on the left, and Eamonn/son, the soon-to-be owners of Farm 11, posing for a Saturday afternoon snapshot.

Two snazzy gentlemen, but nothing compared to our newly completed and for sale little modern number (sorry guys, no appeal or recourse available). It's our 5th Retro Ranch. It's on 5.5 acres, borders 1200 acres of public land and for all intent and purposes just an extension of this property, and is selling for $220k. One bedroom, one bath, and a whole lot Je ne se qua, if you know what I mean (and for those frequent readers, this french digression is a first).

It's a good one - in the photo above you can see the reflection of the rustic red roof, coloring the house. And the car port. And the shot from the rear, capturing the stone pillars and stone chimney.

Lots of light.

Great shot of the car port, which could easily be converted into a screened patio, or even a 2nd bedroom down the line. I like it just fine as a throw back carport.

Our modern front doors, with a splash of red. I love a splash of red where i can.

Wide open living, dining and kitchen, with a hot red fan, chalkboard door, polished concrete with radiant heat, stained wood ceiling and lots of light.

Woodburning fireplace nook.

Down the hall, where we brought the exterior siding into the interior -

A hot bathroom with black and white and an apple green and some modern fixtures and vanity.

The one and only bedroom.

We have 8 houses finishing up between last week and November, and we are getting ready to get started on another 4.

"Ain't no mountain high enough..."

Au revoir!

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