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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yankee Lake House Nears Completion

We do a lot of new construction, but we also do a fair amount of renovations and construction for hire. Old farmsteads, old lake houses, or like we did last year for the Blog Cabin TV show, we reinvented a house that wasn't super old.

Here, Scott and Erica took a badly pieced together over the years lake house, stripped it to the bones, added here, tucked there, and 4 months later a brand new house in every sense of the word.

Brand new bones, brand new mechanicals and plumbing, brand new electric, windows, insulation, baths, etc...

I mean we tore that thing apart and it was one of those homes that everything we discovered was not up to par and had to be reinforced, sistered, strengthened, etc... Very challenging.

So we took a pretty lousy floor plan, and took very lousy views of the lake and just reinvented the house entirely.

And it turned out great.

Below are some photos prior to getting started.

And then a sampling of the new style, the new bath, -

Vs. the old hallway (great pic of what we were dealing with. This was the lake view side for Chris-sakes).

All in all, not bad for 4 months of work, through a very tricky house and a very tricky couple of months of weather - magnified by the cold wind whipping off the lake.

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