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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marching Onward

This time of year in the country, for people in my line of work, you start to get that gnawing notion of anxiety, knowing the winter and all the logistical struggles that come with it, are coming closer with each dying day. the morning light is markedly later, and jackets are starting to come out.

Here's the handsome devil himself, below. And Lucas is pretty cute too. He likes running around my offices with all the trucks and guys and action.

While we didn't have the catastrophic flooding like the northern Catskill thank god, the waters were still super high, with the Delaware really moving along like some sort of Snake River rapids.

A ton of construction happening lately, in preparation for a bunch of closings. Barn 4 next week, Cottage 36 soon thereafter, Farm 11 in mid October, Farm 16 in Mid November, Farm 17 in January. Looks like we are doing a new deal for Barn 5 with Bill and Veronica and possibly, fingers crossed, hope to god, we might have a deal formulating for Cottage 37 in Saugerties. I mean, if that wouldn't prove the saying that 'I'm the man', not sure what would.

Barn IV with Norm's machines cleaning it up, planting the grass, etc...

Cottage 36, water and heat will be on today, which is really the signal for that last 1/4 mile home stretch.

Sweeettt. this is a real winner cause we worked hard to earn this family's business.

Farm 11 went from 'getting there' to 'nearly done' over the past 2 weeks. Moving so fast this recent picture is already outdated.

and farm 16, which is just about ready to get our full and undiverted attention - Trim's done, floor is in, now it's time to spend some time finishing up the trim, getting her painted, and finishing her up.

All in all, we're killin' it in terms of productivity and getting shit done.

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