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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Upstate Flooding, New Homes, Press and Lucas' 1st Day of Pre-school

Old Lucas - today is day number one of the rest of this life. Responsibilities, obligations, duties. Life's never stopping train of added loads.

He didn't much care for the idea this morning - though he was looking sharp, nonetheless, in his sleeveless sweater. Lisa made me swear I wouldn't put this one picture of his pre-school struggle up on the blog, but that's asking a lot of a flawed person like myself.

He is here the day before, testing out the pack that is like a bit too big for him. I told his mom that his pack was too big and let her see for herself that the damn thing kept knocking him off balance, but, like always, to very little avail. Off he went, loaded down and happy.

The floods upstate didn't hit Sullivan County too directly, but it did hit us upstate in the Saugerties area. Trees down, electric down, bridges out - and I traveled a bit more north into Greene County, and it didn't take long to run into closed roads and alternative routes. It's bad, really bad, and since upstate really isn't that super vibrant economically to begin with, it's a real setback.

I stopped by Catskill, New York to check it out - boats over turned, and the parking lot across from the school completely torn up. Not good.

We had a few more press placements from our NYC PR team.

An Interview with Upstater, an online upstate-centric blog (although 'blog' may assume 'online', ain't) -

And a quick mention with New York Family -

Also doing some interview with some press concerning 9-11. The Associated Press mentioned our story and efforts in an article last month, and I drove into the City yesterday to do a radio interview with Radio France, their public radio station.

While I was upstate (actually, why I was upstate) I decided to check out the homes we are building.

Here's Farm 17 all wrapped up, windows in. Now the electric, plumbing, heating, security, audio and air conditioning is in, and we will be looking for an inspection soon. One of the small but real impacts of the hurricane's destruction is the fact that the hookup of our new underground electric to these homes, which we finished just prior to the storm, will be last on the 'to do' list of the electric utility, meaning we will be waiting a long time for juice.

House placement is an art, and if you screw it up, well - you really can't ever recover fully. We are pretty good at it, and nailed it on this one for sure.

Cottage 37, a real looker, and for sale, is moving along at about the same speed. For efficiency sake, because they are a bit far away for us, we have sort of joined them at the hip.

It's been raining now for 3 days and it's getting a bit tiresome. Hasn't really impacted our construction schedules yet, but definitely motivates a sort of gloomy and perplexed pale on everything and everybody.

Some nice person wrote me an email this morning alerting me, in the most kindest way, that I needed a blog post, since the last one was growing 'stale'. I hadn't even thought of it - but she was right, it had been over a week which is long time indeed.

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