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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

White Picket Fence

Yep, that's Lucas, over at Farm 15, looking through some binoculars at his long term plan.

And then caught red-handed at the Brooklyn Marriott with Buzz Lightyear trying to crack to code to the room safe.

And Erin and Greg participating in our photo shot for the big spread coming out in a city rag shortly. They own Ranch 1, outside of Barryville NY.

Gary and Nikki, owners of Barn III, did a few additions to the property this summer including a white picket fence to keep the kids and dogs in (or better yet, to keep them out of the house). I thought it looked great. I'm a big fan of white picket fences. The man is this household works with numbers at Citibank.

Farm 16 is moving right along. This house a lot going on, with a finished basement and a 3rd bedroom upstairs. This family, who's man of the house is a construction/project manager in NYC, should be moving in in November.

Here's a new one for us. A nearly 5000 sq ft barn-style house we designed - we are calling it the Big Barn. It sits on 17 acres outside of Narrowsburg. Should be a pretty cool and unique structure when said and done. The man of this casa works with Bonds. That's james, doing his best to look efficient and productive.

The dance of the rock busters.

Without the roof shingles detailed on this Big Barn it looks a little weird, but note the residential-use garage doors defining the back side of this barn.

The family of the house below is run in part by a NYC environmental lawyer. We built this 2000 sq ft cabin and now are getting ready to sell it next week. Since the full blown post is coming down the line, I disguised the house with some photo tricks. this cabin is on 15 acres.

Farm 11 - all 1900 sq ft, 2.5 baths and 4 bedrooms of it - on 12 acres is rounding that final bend as well - with a closing expected in mid to late October. Just waiting on the floors to dry on the inside and we will be in there finishing her up. Eamonn works in IT.

And we just picked up some new land and just like that we picked up a customer who married it with a house (Barn V in this case) and now we are off to the races, putting in the driveway, clearing the land, etc..

And across the street is where Farm 18 is going. 7.5 acres of glory, unspoken for as of yet.

and Lucas with his chocolate cake glazed donut. Don't tell his Mom.

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