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Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm 11 - Sold (or, 'sounding like a broken record)

Our construction efforts were delayed in the Spring due to the rain, so instead of everything nice and neatly staggered, our 5 spring start homes all started about the same time, which was tough on the old schedule and definitely tough on the old wallet, since we pay for these homes until they are finished, when the client comes in with their cash and mortgage and takes a finished, ready to go home, off our hands.

Farm 11 is a home James and I have been dabbling with for a few years. We designed the general look and feel and then Mimi and Eamonn came along and married it up with a great 12 acre piece of land. That was in Late May that we started, and now, here in late October, the furniture truck was seen leaving the premises on Friday. Our homes are so complete when we sell them, even the microwave clock reflects the correct time, the hot water temp has been checked repeatedly, the house has been cleaned at least 3x, duplicate and redundant walk-thrus, punchlists, etc... All appliances tested, etc...

And we finish them on time. Consistently. It's a rare feat in an industry where delays and excuses not only happen, but are almost an integral part of the process.

1950 sq ft. 3 bedrooms and an office. Loads of covered porches and decks. 4 months to build.

The above picture is of the homeowners and child and that's the famous Janice (or JT) in the background).

It's been so rainy this year that even the pictures of the homes are tough to schedule.

Good picture of all the outdoor living - upstairs deck off the master bedroom, a section of first floor deck uncovered, then a big wrap-around which probably a portion will see a screening in project next year.

And here's the initial inquiry on 2/27/11.

"Hello Charles. My wife and I have been on a house hunt up in the catskills/woodstock areas. Came across your site and we really like what we see - had not even thought before about actually building a house, but would love to find out more. Can you let us know how we can find out more, and how we can set a date to come meet with you? We would be interested in a farmhouse, at least 3 or 4 bedrooms, with a gourmet kitchen, and all the nice features/design/architecture of your other houses.

Thanks, Eamonn

Great layout and use of space allowed for this cross functioning mudroom, with stone, bench, bookshelves and closet.

The Hallway from the back office cross-sectioned through the front of the house.

James from the office took these pics so I'm at a loss as to his philosophical intention was with some of the angles...

Here's a duel barn door hiding the 2nd floor laundry room.

2 of the 3 bedrooms upstairs got the siding treatment on the closet areas. Eamonn said the shelves in this room is one of his wife's favorite details of the house. Lots of room for toys.

The kitchen got a lot of James' attention. i guess cause it's a pretty hot space.

With open shelves, nice appliances and plenty of room to work, including a place to saddle up to without interfering with all the work going on.

The 3 bathrooms each had a unique personality, starting with the nautical mirror outside the kitchen.

And the masterbath -

And the guest bath -

Farm 11 - one we had in our pocket for some time, waiting for the right time and place and client to unleash its dynamic and unique presence. And now it exists, up on the hill, a few miles outside of Narrowsburg NY.

(more pics to come)

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