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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


One of my tasks today was to tackle this top draw mess of my desk. I mean, if you look closely it's a varied assortment - the standout being the 1700 british pounds that Gavin gave me for a job at his house - I kept refusing it, and then he frickin' showed up at my office and threw it on my desk with some exaggerated claim of how good of a deal I was getting considering the exchange rate, etc.. yawn... It's the end of day, and the drawer still looks like that, so it'll have to be a task for tomorrow (or the next day).

Our main server crashed today so that's always fun. Janice in the office is really sweating it because it was her job to manage the installation of the duel backup system we have in place. I guess it's progress that we have a duel off-site backup system place, when you come to think of it. Actually, the fact that we have a server is progress as well.

Here's Lucas using the handrail to come down some big steep steps with his cute cousin Sarah at Thanksgiving.

And then we headed over to the train museum in Strasburg, Lancaster County, PA. Quite an assortment of old and new trains. Lancaster, where I grew up, is an interesting place where all the yards are well-kept and the people all industrious.

Below is a version of the train snow plow, working hard to keep your tracks clean.

And then when Lucas and I went to Natural History Museum, NYC, we ended up hangin' outside the building for awhile and before you know it, wallah, he's got a friend, leading him around by hand.

Kid's are a funny lot for sure. Dinosaurs, trains, playtime, nap time - it's all one big adventure for sure.

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