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Monday, December 19, 2011

Catskill Farms Christmas Party

Well, another year and another 15 houses or so. This was our second year for our famous party- and I kept saying the same dumb thing when people came in - "I got 4 words for you," I'd say, slurring a little more each hour - "Free food, free drinks". That's Deb from our amazing book-keeper with Wayne and George from Jeff Bank, who has been powering Catskill Farms with our financing since the very beginning in 2003. I didn't realize it, but this was our 10th year in business - true, the first year or two did not have a whole lot of excitement attached unless you count the thrill of sinking deeper into to debt, the excitement of unfunded ambitions and the sensation of sinking into a hole of no return. By 2003 we had started Farm #1, by June of 2004, we had finished it and sold it. Took a little while for sure to get that one off the balance sheet.

Here's Melissa - co-proprietor of Baker's Tap Room II- in Yulan, NY. A little out of focus but you get the idea.

And the big hitters from Pro-Build, Jeff Bank and Ulster Savings Bank.

Shane, the other half of the proprietor team.

And my take-home stash - a fancy watch, antique typewriter, bunch of booze and a signed copy of Peter Peterson's memoir. Mr Peterson is the co-founder of the BlackStone Group and former Secretary of Commerce, and is the direct boss of my good friend Deb from Cottage 14 fame.

Well, the party was bigger than these pics show, but I Got a big problem, at least it seems big at the moment - and that is my blogger thing just alerted me that my blogging memory is all filled up - 4 years of thoughts and occasional strokes of genius - hitting a wall of memory restriction. Now I got another thing to figure out - but judging from our track record, should be able to hurdle it 'fore too long.

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