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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Saturday Tours (and Farm 18 is gone)

One of my favorite customers, who bought Cottage 6 way back in like 2008 is David Cross. I throw his name around when I'm showing prospective customers around more often than proper or seemly. Then I follow it up with 'what about Gavin McInnes? And Albert Hammond Jr?" I always get the appropriate and due respect following.

Well, David strikes again I found out when I went to see the new Muppet Movie with Lucas over the weekend. David plays the wicked agent or something like that, and puts on a pretty good show. Thing is, back in 2008, when his East Village type fans were giving him a hard time for doing Chipmunks 1, he really threw us a bone by saying he needed the money for his 'catskill cabin'.

But you know, life really never lets up, and the next year there's the landscaping project (and Chipmunks 2), and the next year is the house in Costa Rica (Chipmunks 3), the next year was face lift and botox (Chipmunks 4), the next year was to hire a lawyer to fight about the profit and loss accounting from Chipmunks 1 and 2 (Chipmunks 5), and then the grand-daddy and probably the motivation for his participation in this sequel - besides the obvious geniousness of it - was his engagement to Amber (Chipmunks 6). Her rock is HUGE. Bigger than a chipmunk.

I had a lot of appointments over the weekend. A lot of appointments. 4 on Saturday, and 2 on Sunday. And all real live buyers. We ended up selling Farm 18 and getting an offer on the Shack, which we are negotiating forthwith.

I snapped some photos to show off our fans -

Chad and Tiffany, potters, love the area, and love the Shack!

Doug and his wife, just married for 6 months, came up from the Queens and really liked Cottage 35. Doug works in theater tickets sales.

I doubled them up on the tour with Matt and his wife from North Carolina - they just got married as well 6 months ago. He's in finance, she's a kindergarten teacher.

And Jamie and Terry, tech whizzes from the west coast rolled up in their fancy ride (actually, everyone had fancy rides), and fell head over heels for Farm 18. Came and saw it again in the morning and the rest is real estate history. The deposit check is in the mail. Janice, turn the listing sign to 'under contract' please.

Farm 18 is a real beauty and is modeled after Farm 1, our very first 2003 creation. Tons of porch and a great floor plan - it's 400 ft smaller than the original, coming in at 1500 sq ft, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

And here's one of our outbuildings the New York Times made famous last week. For all you SEO gurus, I'm sure you will sinfully covet that hyperlink they provided directly to our website. Hello organic search engine results!!

Jamie and Kerry brought along their pretty cool English Spaniel who acted very put off she had to sit in the back of my new car (in the cargo area - it has carpet, even!), and specialized in the 'old sad eyes'.

Sunday was another big day, hangin' with Lucas, and having the Farm 18 deal meeting at 10, then a scheduled appointment at 11 with two 'wished to remain anonymous' folks - very a-list movie star of them.

So we go traveling around, knocking on the doors of the homes we just completed, surprising the occupants for sure I'm certain. But what the hay, when they were buying we did the same to some other poor unsuspecting homeowners. The one house I don't do it to is Gavin's house (the founder of Vice), cause that guy is just too crazy and I have no idea what he will do or say, except that it will be wholly inappropriate and counter to the picture I'm trying to paint.

Joe and Katie at Farm 16 have some little girls that Lucas was impressing with his dinosaur knowledge and noises, so I just left him there and continued the tour down the street. I picked him up an hour later to a bunch of protest, etc...

All in all, a pretty fab weekend, and I hate the term 'fab'. 6 meetings, 2 offers, 1 accepted deal and I met, like always, a ton of great people.

For 2012, we have two deals set to close in January, we have 2 other deals entering contract, we have a spec house cottage going up in Stone Ridge, starting tomorrow. Plus we got Barn 5 under way, and we have the Big Barn going as well.

With any luck, we just might make it through another year.


  1. HOORAY for Kerry and Jamie! Finally setting down roots in Sullivan County! This is infinitely better than West Hollywood, Los Feliz or The Mission. WELCOME HOME..it's a beauty!

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