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Friday, July 29, 2011

Saugerties and Woodstock

This Cottage 28 redux is going up and going up and going up. It's on 4 acres, 7 miles from Saugerties, 7 miles Woodstock, on a real nice piece of land. it's for sale. 2 bedrooms, 1300 sq ft, 1.5 baths, full walkout basement - you know, the works. - $375k.

And Farm 17 is 'in the ground' now too. This was pre-purchased by a couple with a neat story - to neat to detail at this moment.

Real nice homes in a real nice area. Will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cottage 36 (and Texting abbreviations)

Ok, so I've doing a lot more texting now that I got my new Iphone back in March. Before that I had some stupid non-email, non-text phone, where when someone sent me a text, responding was so laborious that typically I just needed to pick up the phone and call them back (PIK - pathetic I know).

AFAIK (as far as I know), I'm dragging tail on the text abbreviations so I've decided to pick up my game and printed out a 'text abbreviation cheat sheet' and now drive everyone nuts with my abbreviations.

Anyways, ADAD (another day another dollar) - Here's Cottage 36 making some good progress. it's a very smart use of 2000 sq ft - it's got a little of everything - 15 acres, 2 story loft space in the main house, and a built out walk out basement. Cool house for a mom, dad and two young kids from Rye - Westchester County, NY.

It's a fun design that Matthew the patriarch of the family broadly envisioned from early on.

Big back porch is planned with an outdoor fireplace and screened section.

This past week the septic went in (see machine in background), the well went in (250 ft, lots of water per minute), and the stone guys got set up.

That's my new dump truck I bought last winter. A real winner in terms of meeting the needs we bought it for - plowing, dumping, salting, loading, etc ....

That's Job, one of our star guys (no, this isn't some dumb intro plot line for a bad porno flik - it was just hot outside)

Speaking of, it was hot outside, like 100 degrees in the shade.

Mudroom area with salvaged wood as wainscoting. the sheetrock and wood wall coverings are finished and we are starting the flooring today.

Upstairs looking down.

Master Bedroom.

And a finished basement.

Talk about living large.

It's BAU here at CF, and GGOH.

(it's business as usual here at Catskill Farms and I gotta get out of here).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yankee Lake House and Barn IV

Our renovation on Yankee Lake continues apace, with a finish date expected for Mid-August. We started this project back in April, gutted it to the bone, did an addition, raised the roof, and put her back together again with the help of Scott and Erica, the owners.

The interior was cramped with a weird flow, but it had one very unusual saving grace - very high first floor ceilings. it allowed us to remake the place.

And then Barn IV is coming along nicely, just entering the interior painting phase, and just entering a sales contract as well. Pete Kestler dug our well yesterday - he builds airplanes and flies them in his spare time.

It's a walk-out, which is always nice. We have the scaffolding up and ready to clad the chimney with stone.

The interior is big and lofty and sports two bedrooms and two full baths. This Barn was modeled after Gary and Nikki's Barn III. We relocated the bedrooms and kitchen on this one.

Lots of open space and super high ceilings.

Upstairs we installed some french doors and a big window in the bedroom, so when guests aren't around, the room can be opened up and be one with the rest of the house.

Actually two distinct living spaces - one upstairs, one downstairs.

Painting, then the electrical gut up, then the kitchen, then the floors, then the tile, then the plumbing and heating and then wallah, two new young hip savvy successful homeowners in Narrowsburg, NY, home of the brave.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Client in the News

Bryan Ledford, Owner of the William Bennett Gallery in Soho and also owner of famous Cottage 34, recently experienced the hot media spotlight when his gallery was one of the victims of a brazen bi-coastal art heist spree that captured the media's imagination.

Here's the NY Times' first piece of coverage as the story emerged -

Sommelier Stole Art Openly, Police say.

Fitting that a Warhol aficionado is now regaling in his 15 minutes of fame - although, knowing him, he's probably been profiled by everyone from GQ to Maxim to the New Yorker. I've been trying to somehow position Catskill Farms in this press run, but have been unable to find quite the right angle thus far.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Progress on all Fronts

Lucas in standing at the driveway entrance to my first 3 homes on Tusten Farms Road. Stormy weather.

And Farm 17 getting started outside of Woodstock NY.

And Cottage 37, outside of Woodstock as well. This 2 bedroom cottage is currently not spoken for.

Micro-Cottage 4...

Ranch V...

Farm 16 framed up, roughed in, and ready for insulation...

Farm 11, insulated, sheetrocked and ready for some siding...

Cottage 36 looking good...

Barn IV entering contract...

...with the interior nearly complete and ready for paint next week...

Very busy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And Another Piece of Press (we're on a roll)

Watershed Post talks us up -

The Rise and Rise of Catskill Farms -

Damn, and I just bought all these hats while traveling that are obviously going to be way too small....

Press, Press & more Press

Well, we are back from Yosemite, back from San Fran and back to work. Few good articles about our efforts and ideas while I was away...

New York Daily News Article -

Best place of the week: Catskills country retreat for under $300,000

Times Union (Albany)

Something Old, Something New

Times Union Blog

House of the Week: A shack in the Catskills

and an NY Observer piece and NY Times advertising supplement weren't too long ago either.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011