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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cottage 38 in Contract (or, Same Old Song and Dance)

I caught Clark and Andrew (the handsome guys in the center) snooping around Cottage 38 in Stone Ridge a few weeks ago and instead of calling the cops, I sold them the house.

Just kidding - they had actually signed up a few weeks prior. Interestingly, this was a brand new process for me, Mr Control Freak. Not only did I not directly sell them this house, it was sold through the tried and true Ulster Cty MLS system - with our team listing it, and another team bringing a client to the house. Clark and Andrew were already familiar with our work, had been looking for a house for a while, and knew the area they wanted to be in - more or less primed to buy a perfect not-so-little cottage on 3 acres with a stream, stone wall, interesting topography and a great little dead end road.

It's a real testament to our management abilities that we are able to build in far flung areas like Stone Ridge and Woodstock and Bearsville and Saugerties. I waited for years to get started in these areas since I figured we would need to be pretty good to get spread out. It's one thing to look good when you are building close to home (also not super easy) it's quite another to look good halfway across the state.

So far, so good. Different building departments, highway departments, electric companies, etc... It's a big job getting to know all the idiosyncrasies of all the parties involved, and building the credibility in the eyes of the authorities, which makes things go better.

It wasn't long ago that this was a newly purchased piece of raw land...

then the foundation...

Then the frame...

Then the sheathing...

then the tyvec, fascia, corners, ice and water shield on the roof, windows, etc...

then we got our framing inspection which we passed with flying colors, and now the security guys, the heating guys, the electricians are working away.

Oh right, forgot to mention we installed the 350 of underground electric, and the siding starts tomorrow.

Ye ha Cowboy. you'd never know we have 8 other houses going at the same time.

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  1. love,love, love what you build what you stand for I want one so busy here battling zoning and town board who are busy allowing Walmart, and box stores every where and our main streets are dying. I am so tired blut must try looks like spring for me to visit with you and I want one of your wonderful cottages and want to escape this awful mindset I am surrounded with.