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Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Extrapolation on Aragon's Idea

Think if you owned a restaurant but you could only put tables on half the floor space, the other half was required to remain open. Of course it makes the prospects of success much less, but also is a bit intrusive.

Or if you rented office space, but then you were told you could only use half of it. Maybe Luiz was offended or concerned about the noise, the traffic, or even the parking on a busy day, with deliveries and everything.

Or if you bought 100 acres to hunt on, but then Luiz thought at least 50 should be hunt free, so fauna, animals and vegetation could grow unimpeded.

Or you bought a nice big king sized bed, but were only allowed to use the half.

Or you had an art gallery, but could only hang pictures and paintings on half the walls.

Or maybe you renovated Barryville Square, - Maybe half the stores should remain vacant so it didn't look so cluttered with cars.

You get the picture. Flexibility is key in business success, since it's so damn hard to succeed to begin with. Take away half that flexibility and you reduce your chance for success by more than half.

Luiz should know this - or if he didn't, he could look around or even speak to some real life people to see if what he is advocating has any chance of success.

Or maybe that's the whole devious point -by making something economically impossible, you halt all development, homebuilding and progress. Good for open space, very bad for a lot of small businesses and people trying to earn a living.

But hey, what's a few lost livelihoods in the quest for 'keeping things pretty'.

1 comment:

  1. Now you are showing your inexperience with home building. I know you are going to say you have built a lot of homes but do you understand the home building industry??? Open space conservation is quite common in the industry and developers/builders have learned to operate within its confines. I am surprised you have never heard about this concent before.....