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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sullivan County Homes

We have built a lot of homes in Sullivan County and I plan to keep on building. We typically concentrate along what I like to call the Delaware River Corridor which stretches from Pond Eddy to Narrowsburg.

Here's some shots of our winter projects in this neck of the woods.

Barn V above and below - a super neat house being built by Bill and Veronica. They have a young son named Patrick. On a road in Narrowsburg, where we are building/have built 6 homes, the clients came with a total of 6 young children.

The Big Barn is coming along nicely - we used a Slate Grey Siding, and in the foreground in the garage.

We have finished the insulation phase, and are now sheetrocking and adding wood to the ceilings.

And of course kick ass Farm 18 is moving right along. We should be ready for the electrical, plumbing and heating inspection, and then ready for the insulation.

And Ranch VI is hot on the tails of these other homes. Friends of the folks who bought Barn IV, this ranch is a lot like Ranch V, only bigger with a built out basement, on a more secluded piece of land.

With the one we have going on in Stone Ridge, and the one we are starting outside of Eldred, we should be able to keep very busy once again this winter.

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