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Thursday, February 23, 2012

3's a Charm

Now, everyone knows we here at The Catskill Farms have weathered the recessionary winds pretty well, and we have a fair amount of homes sold to prove it.

But when you leave your house on a Saturday morning and by the time you come back on a Sunday night, have sold 3 homes pushing $1.5m, now that's really raising the bar on what it means on 'being the man', or 'too hot to touch'.

Hello new owners of Farm 20, Cottage 40 and Farm 19. That means we are within a hair's breath (is that a saying?) of matching last years' sales, and, hello, it's not even the end of February.

Interesting stuff this weekend, with a big 10 person TV crew coming up from HGTV to include us in one of their real estate voyeurism shows.

I don't know what it is about all these roadkill motifs as of late. James reported back that the pheasant, with roasted potatoes was delicious, and one of my framers showed up with a fox he found along side of the road in the back of his truck.

Not trying to be gross, but just reporting like I see it.

Bottom line, you can't make this shit up. This is where I live, and who I work with.

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