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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cottage 39

It may be warm, and the snow might have melted, and the frost might be coming out of the ground and what that means to us country (or 'rural' as someone called us the other day) folk is mud. Pretty serious mud actually. Muck boot mud, if you will.

In a telling reflection on my friends, family and co-workers, no one mentioned that I had mislabeled my last post, mis-identifying the Cottage.

The real Cottage 39 is being constructed as we speak. The framing just finished, we wrapped the house in, believe this, house wrap, and are installing the fascia so the roofers can do their thing tomorrow with a shingle color named Biscayne Blue. With the cedar shakes, it should a have a 'wow' effect, certainly.

In the country, we just start fires at will. this was a pretty big one.

The 2 bedroom cottage comes with 1340 sq ft, 1.5 baths on 5+ acres in Eldred NY comes with this Man Shed. It also comes with a full walkout basement that we will finish off, adding another 600 sq ft and a bathroom. Lots of porch as well. The framers built this house in 5 days. 5 f*&(king days. That's good, even by my rigid standards and high expectations.

The interior is wide open...

and the second floor ceiling's are lofty and high at around 9.5 feet.

There's Kevin the architect checking out his handy work...

and Henning the carpenter (and chef) high up on his ladder, with both hands occupied, helpless from this photo.

And there's Job. Not to sell the kid down the river, but he did go to the wrong job this morning and left everyone waiting and wondering on him.

Then up to the big barn with lots of tree clearing and, yes, another fire.

And the barn from the rear...

It's a Tuesday, and I think we've done a week's work already.

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