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Friday, February 17, 2012


So my architect Kevin shows up and comes into the shop and says he just hit a pheasant and it's stuck in the grill of his car. Of course, after the bank robbery, our nerves are a-tingling and the adrenaline is cooking, and then Kevin comes in with some comic relief with a pheasant in his grill.

Sure, it's sad, but life is sad and for some people (or pheasants) life is short and ends poorly. That's a real pretty bird.

But then the story gets weird as Kevin is crying about the damage to his grill. In a strange plot twist, James comes out and says he'll take the bird, and calls his wife up and tells her they are having pheasant for dinner.

So, as we speak, the pheasant is in the back of James' car and his wife has the pheasant stock boiling and seasoned.

Life, it's one big circle of birth and death.

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