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Monday, February 13, 2012

Traveling and Construction

James and I just got back from the 2012 International Builders Show, hosted in Orlando this year. Last time we went it was in Vegas in 2009. Thats James below (on the left).

And at the Marriott, getting ready to go to the gym and pool.

We were right across the street from SeaWorld.

and a highlight of the show was this spray foam sculpture.

A lot of construction for mid-winter. We have Ranch VI, which is inspired by Ranch V, but with a build-out, walk-out basement.

Good space for sure.

The Big Barn continues apace with the siding being completed, the interior floor going in, the window trim finished up and indoor lap pool being installed tomorrow.

Porches, decks and patios define part of this home's lifestyle.

And Barn V, just entering the insulation phase of things. After that the sheetrock and the wall coverings and then before you know it, we will be painting.

And Farm 18, pretty much rounding that last bend to completion.

...with the interior walls and ceilings covered.

...and board and batten wainscotting.

...the bathroom waiting the tile guy.

...fireplace, bookshelves and lots of space.

And our newest spec house for sale - Cottage 39. Just an idea less than a month ago.

Cottage 38 in Stone Ridge has just passed it's 'rough-in inspection' and is now ready to insulate.

Not to be gross, but most of our current customers are happier than pigs in shit. And why shouldn't they be - I mean, we are really delivering a product and process that is unparalleled in quality, taste and timeliness.

And then a good play I'm reserved to see in early April.


  1. love,love,love want to try to get up weekend of

    3/10.3/11 where do I begin?

  2. ...another great post. And on your birthday, no less. :) Hope you have an awesome day!