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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Selling NY and Zoning Meeting

My days definitely have a broad mix of activities - from design, to construction management, to development, marketing, sales, HR, PR, etc...

But rarely are they on such opposite ends of the spectrum today, where we meet and greet a 10 person production/talent/pr team to film an episode of Selling NY in a few of our homes, but right before that I need to lend my rabble-rousing instincts to halt some of the most retarded zoning initiatives ever to appear on the Sullivan County landscape, all while many people were paying attention to gas drilling protections, some mis-guided soul slipped in some really crazy stuff considering where we live.

No cutting trees without permission. Sorry John, Steve, Bryan and Bryce and really just about everyone else.
No fixing cars in your driveway - sorry most of the people who live in Sullivan County, earning less than $30k a year.
Some suburban conservation subdivision - where project over 25 acres need to commit half the land to 'open space forever', shared among the new property owners. Sure lots of people want that .
No smoke emittances over 1 unit on Ringelmann chart (look it up - it's more absurd than it even seems).
And that's just the beginning.

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, this Lumberland zoning is offensive - it's invasive, it's unnecessary, and it's exactly the opposite of why people are in the area. 5 not highly educated persons on a town board (which was not elected to reinvent the land use laws of Lumberland) are passing rules that claim this small local, ever-changing town board knows how to use and respect the land and private property better than the owners do.

It's insulting. And it's as important to me than the 1.7m viewers that will catch the Selling NY show, if they even let me in the episode cause I'm showing up late cause I'm fighting with the community against this heavy hand of dishonest know-nothings.

Lumberland School, across from the Town Hall. 10am. Believe me, it affects you.

Heavy winds. Should be interesting.

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