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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Barn 5 Movin' On

Barn V is a winner, complimenting a long line of Catskill Farms - Homeowner collaboration winners. It's been a week since my last post - very busy, especially with the early dry spring that has allowed us to accelerate our Springtime playbook.

Brand new look.

Kind of mixes the old fashioned farmhouse with small 2nd floor windows, with a barn, complimenting both without being snarky or cynical or self-righteous.

The land it sits on is nothing to shake a stick at either. 5+ acres a few miles outside of Narrowsburg. Veronica and Bill didn't miss many details on this house with the foundation clad in modern stone, a dining corner of windows and a back deck/porch.

This is the dining room window corner, presently a backdrop to the custom barn doors that will be scattered around the house.

One of the Bedrooms... The tubing coming off the right wall is the air conditioning supply for the 'split units', which are localized lower cost a/c alternatives.

And the Man Shed, Miami style.

Just finished walking F20G's new land, - the boundaries just got marked so it's always exciting to get out there and check it out. 25 acres. And Farm 19 boundaries just got marked so I'm gonna go walk that piece in the morning. My two new pieces of land in Saugerties flew through the planning board in two months and we should be under construction of Barn VI and Arts & Crafts II before long.

4 houses in Ulster County under construction, 7 in Sullivan County.

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