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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


(below is an exchange between a new client in Woodstock and James, and is just to show the process a little better. every home owner has their priorities, and their concerns)

Hey James,

First, thanks so much for your quick responses and patience as we go through all of this. Also, I apologize for the brain dump in this email, but not sure how else to do it as things pop up in our heads.

So based on your feedback, we've landed on the palette reflected in the modified Google SketchUp attached to this email. It's basically a darker version of Dean's cottage with the "rusty look" metal roof we're after. Specifically, it's Cordovan Brown siding, the rusty look metal roof, and white windows and trim. Still thinking of the front door. Is there a particular brand or budget range we should be looking at?

Here are some more general questions/thoughts that have come up as we've been thinking and dreaming...

1. Fireplace...Since we are not getting the double fire place, would it be possible to move the firebox into the exterior chimney and have the fire place more flush with the interior wall, so as to reclaim some of the floor space in the living room?

2. Would it be possible to get a floor outlet in the middle of the living room in front of the fireplace? We imagine setting up a couple of comfy chairs facing the fireplace with a lamp on a table between them.

3. Would it be possible to make the window in the front dormer a little smaller, so that the frame doesn't go all the way to the edges of the dormer?

4. Would it be possible to have the stairs come off the front of the porch instead of off to the side (like they are in cottage 36). Would it make sense with the house's orientation?

5. Looking ahead, we like the idea of the stained wood ceilings on the porch and throughout the interior as well. Like this pic from your website:

6. How much of an additional expense would it be to have the interior stone of the fireplace go all the way to ceiling?

7. I think we'd prefer french doors going from kitchen to back deck, as opposed to sliding.

Thanks James!

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