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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ranch VI

Ranch VI owners are friends of Ranch V owners, and like many of our latest clients, are coming from a demographic a bit younger than we are. I mean, I used to be that young - early to mid-30's - but I'm not anymore. It's comforting to know that I'm still cool, able to design and build and brand homes that have cross-generational appeal.

Ranch VI is a bigger, badder version of Ranch V. Ranch V is 700 sq ft, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, no basement. Ranch VI takes the idea to the next level, without going crazy with the cost. We added a basement, finished some of it, left plenty of storage space, and just tweaked the first floor enough to make it perfect for these new owners.

Above is the cool ranch with ultra-cool, mid-70's, Berkeley style ranch house. I'm audio reading Steve Jobs' biography at the moment, and they talk about the Ranch houses out there. I'm also reading Keith Richards' autobiography, Life. Just finished a biography on J. Edgar Hoover written in the early 70's when such writings were still frowned upon, and then the audio book The Big Short (I'm a big Michael Lewis fan), and before that a tome on WWII. I read the New Yorker cover to cover most weeks, scan New York Magazine, read Crains and scan another half dozen magazines. Also, there's a cool blog the NYTimes does on the Civil War, daily, since it is the 150 yr anniversary, called DisUnion - it's been going on for more than a year.

Ranch VI is fun and for the select bunch who go this route, the homes have a lot of design appeal. Modern country ranch, small, on a big piece of land in the woods. It's a nice package (that's what she said).

Just finished the insulation, and from there the sheetrock. Next the wall-coverings and then the trim. And before too long the paint, kitchens, tile and wallah, even the new homeowners.

Here's the big storage space for the mechanicals, bicycles, kayaks, etc...

This basement space is coming in real handy with a media area, and then a bedroom and a bath.

And the big views out in to the Tusten hillside forest outside of Narrowsburg, NY.

We see that happen quite often - one of our homes inspire someone to buy, and while it may not be that home specifically, the concept, aesthetic and process gets them off the bench and into the game - which in today's market, is a serious accomplishment.

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