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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Appliance sale, Eldred is Hot, and Contractor Blues.

Eldred NY seems to be the hot spot.  Tom Givone just made a big splash in dwell magazine with his renovation of a house over off of Airport Road.  No link available, but I think the feature story is available in this month's issue.  Tom's done a few projects up here over the last decade - all of them interesting with unique approaches.

And a fun 'upstate projects can be painful' article in the NY Times - "Pre-Fab Short on the Fab" - something we are well aware of and really the inspiration of the whole Catskill Farms business model.  Upstate living and the transition thereof does not have to be a test of endurance and financial/emotional survival.

It can be real easy - The Catskill Farms way.  Perfected over 10 years of experimentation and improvement.

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