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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Barn V - SOLD

Barn V - super hot, super finished, super sold.  That's right, that's our 2nd this month, with 2 more to go.
It's funny how the house starts - with one design, then a few quick revisions later we have something totally different.  Something new, fresh and theirs.  And then we keep tweaking that design and come up with 5 iterations of it.

Galvanized metal roof and the deep bluish/grey siding.  Even a small thing like posts 45ing back into the house instead of posts coming down on the front porch.  A subtle but defining feature.

The Modern ManShed.

Back of the house with a part covered and a part open with doors into the dining area.  It also has a walk-out basement with lots of windows.

Bill and Veronica and James keep in the interior palette pretty clean.  The open stairs allow for a see-thru space.  This home has 3 beds, 2 baths, dining area, living room area and the kitchen.

From the front door looking at the back of the house.

Baby gate, powder coated hinged barn door, radiator, open chunky treads and cable rail and some hand-hewn posts and even a jelly jar sconce.

Again looking through the house to the back porch and yard.

2 baths and kitchen.  This bath has a separate bath and shower.

 A lot of our homes start with a vision of the kitchen - a few exceptions like Matthew's vision of the camp bunk beds and designed a house around them.

This is one of my favorite shots of the house.  It's a good corner with a great light.

And pics of Bill and Veronica and their son.  I'm trying to think - I'm not sure if he was born when we started looking for land - or if he was, he was just a little guy, not like now where he's totally a big boy.

 I thought this was pretty good light for sure.

Nothing explains and details our process and success with our process better than our clients - here's the followup, when we got it done for them.

"Hey Guys

Would like to say thanks for all the hard work from u and team on putting this project together. The house looks amazing with a lot of small details that were very important to us and decisive in giving the house a unique look like we wanted. James was very patient and professional during the whole process and made everything super easy for us - honestly it was easier to build a house upstate than any renovation we've did in the city.

Chuck, on your end the business model really works - we have a house ready in 8 months having to visit 5/6 times. I am recommending to friends already and I am pretty sure that once they spend some weekends in our place you will have new costumers!!

Once we are settled you are invited to some caipirinhas at our place!!"

We have a lot of happy customers and I think it's a real testament to how hard we try.

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