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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cottage 38 and Miami

Random South Beach sports bar on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  I'm pretty sure it was a tongue-in-cheek display of gay haute couture.

Lucas had something different in mind with his Avenger shirt from below.  The Hulk, Mark Ruffalo, sends his kids to the same school Lucas goes to.  (Other actress's child deleted in 2nd censorial demand in one post!!! )  It's an 85 acre Montesorri school in Glen Spey NY called the Homestead School with gardens and live animal births, and barns and hills and woods and pretty perfect (... narrative rant deleted cause Wife told me too).

I was in Miami for a few days and it was real tropical windy stormy, which I didn't mind - but I did feel bad for the people who did.  It was like 3 days of bluster, heavy winds and 'getting wet' storms.

Cottage 38 in Stone Ridge is looking good and nearly done.  A lot of action this past week.

Hey, how did this picture get in here?

I stopped by the job site on Thursday to find a lot of busy bees.  There's John the Electrician, - been with us since Farm 3 back in 2004.

Steve the Tile guy jamming along.  He throws up a lot of tile for us.

A little bit of everything scattered about as everyone is fighting for space.

The appliance install...

Someone staked out the porch for some elbow room...

And the Man Shed...

Truck galore and a dumpster ready to be taken away...

The gas guys, there to take care of the ground floor gas fireplace and the Wolf Stove.

Nice bluestone patio coming out of the basement...

And then I ended the day with Bryan of Cottage 34 at the politically incorrect Narrowsburg Inn watching the bartender play a wii fishing game on the big screen.

Yes, you know you are in the country when you end the day with an order of scotch and beer (one of each for both bryan and me) for $18, sitting around watching someone fish on the big screen.

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