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Friday, May 25, 2012

Goings On.

I hate being censored, and every now and again someone will write to me with some far-fetched reason why I should delete that, retract this, change that.  Whatever, sometimes I do it, sometimes I don't.  When I railed against Mr Aragon's anti-growth ideas, whatever he thought of my thoughts, at least he had the respect to let me write what I want unfettered.  You have to respect that.

Saugerties has a cool real romantic (for those inclined) lighthouse at the end of a 1/2 mile sandy walk out into the Hudson.  When I'm up there I often run from my apartment on Partition Street down to the lighthouse and back.

The Hudson is a pretty serious river for sure.

It's huge.

Down below on the left are three land lovers outside of Joe and Katie's house outside of Narrowsburg, NY.  Joe is clearing some land and in the interim is storing his long ass canoe in the center of it.  He had the canoe shipped to our offices and I couldn't help but laugh at the size of the thing.  It was like 40' long.

And Veronica and Bill and Son.

This picture below is interesting cause you can't even see them but there are at least 5 chicks in the picture but are so well-evolved with their youngster camo you can't see them.

Over on Coldbrook Road in Bearsville, NY (part of Woodstock NY) we have a project going for a guy who I think writes for the Jimmy Fallon Show.  I don't watch much tube but I hear it's funny.

I went from land to shell to house in a split second.  We got our rough-in inspection and now we are ready to insulate.

Up outside of Saugerties we have a cool house going as well.  We are building a new Arts and Crafts house in Saugerties and one in Barryville, so don't matter if you want to be in Ulster or Sullivan, we got this house for you.

We bought two lots next door to each other.  And we are building Barn VI on this one below.

Over outside Narrowsburg we have Farm 19 going up.




And then our favorite road in Stone Ridge, that brought us lots of luck with Cottage 38.

It's funny how in Woodstock NY they try and act like the music festival of 1969 was actually held there.  The real story is it was held in Sullivan County, Bethel NY, after Woodstock pulled their permits a few days/weeks before the event.

Hey, can't see the harm I guess....

Then a week or two ago Courtney and Bronson had a summer warmup at their pad.  Lucas and I went over and crashed it.  Lots of homeowners and others from the area were standing around eating some good burgers, drinking some good drinks and telling some good stories.

Pictured below is Courtney (Cottage 22), Justen (Cottage 19), Deb (Cottage 14), and Daniel (Micro 3).

Courtney and Bronson have good taste and a lot of fun furnishings so I always take prospective clients over there to show them the full extent of our game.

Down below was this funny burrito joint on 212 between Woodstock and Saugerties.  It was a bit of oasis with a sultry burrito queen hanging out the front window very new orleans-like.

I know - it's gross.  But it was either this snotty picture or one of his cute dimpled butt.

Figured this one would save me the harassment of the emails I would surely get telling me to take it down 'don't you know that's child porn in some states'.

Hey, it ain't easy being the hippest, coolest, smartest, handsomest builder in Sullivan County.  Ok, Ok, so the competition is a little shallow but hey, small ponds are fun to swim in too.

Happy Memorial Day.

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