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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ranch V - Sold

We hung on to this little baby for awhile in what I suspect was a two-fold issue of a strengthening economy (homes got bigger) and the fact that it was a niche product.  1 bedroom (though with the manshed it's now a one bedroom with a sleeping cottage), concrete floor (which means no basement) and a pretty modern design approach.  In the end it took us about 9 months to sell which is far below the standard time to sell a home in this market, but longer than our typical 'sold before we finish' process.

It's a real sharp house with a ton of personality.  Catherine unloaded her London flat to buy this place.  I've said it before that I'm really complimented when women buy our homes cause I think there is typically a higher level of skepticism and caution among these buyers and the fact that they trust us to respectfully deliver on our promises is validating.

We carried a grayish stone motif through the home, starting with the floors, segueing through the cabinets and the walls, and complimented with the fireplace stone and hearth.

Radiant heat, wood burning fireplace, super high-efficiency gas wall-hung boiler, spray foam insulation and a small footprint results in a very high-performing home.

Like in most of homes, a touch of whimsy, of not taking ourselves too seriously, comes through loud and clear.

The covered entrance with the retro door helps define the house and the space.

I personally liked the apple green paint in the bath but Catherine decided to tone it down a little with a new coat of English white.

The carport, like I've said before, is one of my favorite spaces.  It's like no party will ever be rained out because you comfortably duck into the carport area.  Easily screened, and actually easily turned into a bedroom if the circumstances demand.

The Ranch sits on 5+ acres outside of Barryville and borders state land of 1300 acres - so it's like having a big piece of usable land right behind you.

We staged it nicely - a retro couch, ikea chair from way back and a few other simple touches.

All in all, great little house.  It's a welcome addition to the architectural landscape of Sullivan County.

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