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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Random Sunset Migrations

There she is - The Rock House.  My first house in Sullivan County that I bought on a credit card in 2001, two months after 9-11.  All 400 sq ft, unfinished, no plumbing, knew no one, didn't even have a car.  A few miles outside of Jeffersonville.  it's where it all started - with the wood stove, the privations, the dreaming and the defeats.  It's a tremendous property where I raised a dog, a couple of kittens, started a little family, and got Catskill Farms off the ground.

The story is so base it is best told in small examples like storing my food outside during the mild winter of '01-'02, or the fact that the family wouldn't come up to visit for Thanksgiving (the holiday I traditionally hosted) unless I put a driveway in and replaced my camping two burner with a working stove and my exterior cooler with a refrigerator.

Of course, the $2m barn and garage is only taking the concept of simplicity, so well honed at the Rock House, a little further.  Nothing we do is overly complicated.  It's just not our thing - and to be honest, restraint and simplicity is a lot hard to achieve than most design ambitions anyway.

The siding job photo from a week ago would be further along if the siding guy didn't take a vacation in the Dominican Republic for a week+, god bless him not.

Some fun open cable rail steps...

Old School, with the subway and the gravity tank and I love the black toilet seat.

The nest thermostat which takes our homes up a notch...

And a funky wine cellar with stone and wood and shelves.

The lap pool is up and running and ready for the first biathlon trainee, or lead in to a great porn scene, no plot necessary.

Farm 19 is rolling with dog and all.  Since this photo was taken, the house is nearly built.

And Sweet Barn V, where Bill & Veronica from Brazil knocked it out of the Park with subtlety and taste.

And this lot clearing is just an example of the tens of thousands, actually the hundreds of thousands of dollars that our customers spend locally in their assorted projects and home improvements.

The clients of Catskill Farms have injected Sullivan County with a real jolt of dollars over the last 6 years, in small and large ways.

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