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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Lots to do up here in the Catskills on a nice sunny weekend.  This is the scene outside of the Whistle Stop in Narrowsburg, NY.

Then Lucas catching a few zzzzz's before our next adventure...

Which took the form of some kayaking on the Mongaup Reservior.  What a day for that today, with hardly a breeze and the temps hitting 81.  Yesterday my sister and did 23 miles on a bicycle so not bad for staying active in the month of May.

Last year I bought a single rider canoe with a little extra space so Lucas and I can travel the waters together up here this summer.

He likes going shirtless and shoeless after seeing the Avengers last weekend (yes, his Mom said the same thing - "he's too young to see that!!:")

So now he wants to be called Bruce Banner and has this whole 'change in the Hulk" routine thing down pretty good, not to be confused with his tiger roar or other personalities.

After the kayak ride, waiting to catch a ride to the pizza shop.

Earlier in the day we went out to York Lake and where Farm 20 is gonna be built.  Had to meet the solar guy so we can position the barn/garage in a true south position to maximize sun exposure.  Also had to evaluate the shading because positioning it well doesn't well matter much if you got trees in the way.  So we got that done - as you see Norm has done a pretty good job clearing the site.  

Lucas is with me a bunch on Saturdays and Sundays and I'm always wondering what he is picking up at these construction and sales meetings and general hanging out with the big guy doing deals.  I forget he's in the back seat half the time as I'm on the phone dealing with something.  I'm sure it's not all lost on him for sure.

And then Art from Cake Boss was up to check out our houses with his fiancee. He asked if there were a lot of black people in the area and I said not really but there are a lot of gay people if that is any solace.

Farm 19 in Narrowsburg is up and by the end of the week should be just about ready for the roof.

And then a real tragedy - where Bryan's (from Cottage 34) dog ate the arm off Captain America, instigating a real drama until lucas got convinced that a one-armed superhero was even more super.

And his pals.

And Barn V closed on Friday (yep, another one down).  That post will come tomorrow.

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  1. I use to live in Narrows burg back in the 70. I came across this blog quite by accident, Made me lol