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Monday, June 11, 2012

Cottage 38 - Sold

Cottage 38 is just one of those magical houses that looked so perfect and effortless it easy to forget all the yelling and screaming and craft and expertise that goes into 'effortless'.  This home is on 3+ acres in Stone Ridge NY and went into contract a few days before the foundation went in the ground.

It's funny how it almost looks like a painting or one of the cover girls all photoshopped up to create the illusion of reality.  But this is the real thing a few days before the new owners took possession.

The sun was just right and the time of day right on as well.  As I mentioned before, you come to realize you can't fake the sun with these photos - you have to wait it out and get that nice day and then rearrange your schedule to get there and get the photos.  I do most of my own photography, not that it's that great.  Just saying.

Front door into the mudroom with white wainscoting, bluestone floor, radiator, 12 pane front door and a little bench.

Visitors really loved this house, for it's flow, it's aesthetically honesty and floor plan functionality.

From the Homeowners - " You guys do amazing work. We are so thrilled how the place has come together. Every time we arrive on the property I pinch myself as its such a magical location, home and overall experience. When we stand on the porch and look out at the front yard we feel like we have our own little park. Last weekend I was speaking with a friend who lives up in Stone Ridge and who's visited the house. After his visit he referred to the home as a "jewel box" with the details and extras we've worked together on. Can't wait for the closing!!"

and the pictures speak for themselves...

Little fox camped outside our offices.


Cottage 38 was a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 1300 sq ft home with a finished basement and 3 acres.  It also had a lot of porch with a nice screened section of it just of the dining room.

The bedrooms below.

Upstairs foyer.

Bedroom duel barn doors.

Heading down into the basement.  An additional 650 sq ft with laundry, closets, walk-out double doors and a bath and a gas fireplace.

I think the sunlight in these photos says it all about the type of easy living that this home will accommodate.

 Lucas on the job site...

 and what blog post is complete without the classic 'underwear on the head' pose.  Typically after a night of beer pong, but Lucas is pulling this one off cold sober.

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  1. It is gorgeous, such beautiful work! Congratulations (and a little envy) to the new owners.