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Friday, June 29, 2012

Losing Stuff

Resting before kayaking...

And here is something that happens more often than it should - I lose shit, at least misplace shit.  Nothing worse than gearing up for a bike ride, getting the hot tight stretch pants on, the gloves, the helmet, the jersey - get the bike down from the racks and go to get the tire and the tire is nowhere to be found.  Cause twice now, once I put the bike on the roof rack of my car I forgot about the front tire.  last month I left it at the bike store after a tuneup and last week at one of my job sites after going for a little ride.

It's embarrassing to call people up and say 'hey, did you see my front wheel?'  Plus it's annoying to get all mentally amped for a 20miler on these hills 'round here only to have it fall to pieces CAUSE I LOST MY FRONT WHEEL.

Then I was down at my folks and like has happened at least 4 times I forgot my toiletry bag which is bad enough but half the time now I have in it lucas's dumb thomas the train toothpaste (he won't use anything else), or his dumb spiderman toothbrush, or his 75 baby spray on SPF suntan lotion - so then I'm dealing with his meltdown or not brushing his teeth or running all over creation trying to find thomas the train training toothpaste.

Though by Dad's wife did send it back accompanied by 4 Lancaster Cty whoopee pies.

And lucas is always leaving his shit laying around too, so not only do I have to keep my things together, I have to keep his things together, and his things are small (like his 9 superhero figures) and he gets around so we have to a frickin' inventory every time we go someplace.

But at least I have these 3 deer relaxing outside my office this morning.  All bucks with little furry horns.


  1. Hot Tight Stretch Pants??? Nice! hahaha

  2. Get a bike rack that doesn't require you to rmove the front wheel. I know it's stupid to replace something that works, but maybe it's not working for you. The extra money might be worth the saved aggravation. Plus, now you don't have a wheel to store in the car that gets in the way, flops about, etc.