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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Old Man's Letter to Me

A couple of weeks ago I got this letter from a 95 year old gentlemen who lives in Roscoe NY.  I personally get a lot of correspondence from strangers, which I happen to value quite highly.  But a hand-written letter from a elderly man who saw an article about me that mentioned my type writer collection and he wandered if I could shed any light on where he could find some parts and ribbons for his ancient machine, I mean, like wow, that's pretty cool.  I feel like I have a piece of history in my hands.  He writes that he graduated from Syracuse University in 1939 and that one of his first purchases after college was a refurbished typewriter that he still uses.  He writes 'I have pounded the life out of the ribbon and I'm too old to learn new technology'.

There are certain moments in this Catskill Farms journey which are rich beyond description; this is certainly one of them.

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