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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ranch VI - Sold

This is becoming repetitive I know but what can you do - we sell a lot of homes and this is our 3rd closing this month in Sullivan County, and now we have another one on Monday in Stone Ridge, NY.  Selling 3 $300k plus homes in Sullivan County in one month is more or less a feat of sizable proportions by most measures.  I'm up in Saugerties with Lucas and it looks like a rainy one.  Luckily we skipped out of work a little early yesterday, and yesterday was one of those near perfect Catskill weather days.

This Ranch is an adaption of Ranch V which we sold earlier this month.  This one we changed a few things up, and added a walkout basement and finished half of it and put it on a real nice 5+ acres outside of Narrowsburg NY.  The carport is cool as ever with a stained ceiling and stone pillars.

Walk in the front door, fireplace to the right, deck straight ahead, kitchen and the stairs downstairs.

Fireplace, radiator, stained ceiling darkly, and a polished floor.  Oh, and lots and lots of light.

The entrance with the stone and chalkboard door at the cedar closet.  This house, in the end, was about 1300 sq ft, including the finished basement

It will be interesting to see how they set this room up.  Lots of flexibility.

Sharp light and clean lines and nothing over the top.

Hallway going back into the bath and 1st floor bedroom.

Grays have been a favorite of our clients ever since Dean at Cottage 13 came in and rocked the house with a palette of grey.  Personally, I borrowed this palette more than once.

You can see, going down the stairs, we used a good looking board and batten to set off the walls.  Attention to detail is a priority with us.

The cabinets pick up the dark of the ceiling.

Stainless steel kitchen sink looking out the back window.

And then the walkout basement which should be good space for guests, media and entertaining.

Another shot of the board and batten on the walls.

And then a fun email from some hope-to-be clients - 
NJ Couple Hijacks Cottage - 
After viewing a near completed home masterfully crafted by celebrated developer Charles Petersheim, Barry and Michelle of New Jersey have forcibly taken up residence in the property located at 47 Stillwater Drive in Stone Ridge.   
 Overwhelmed by the attention to detail and the move-in-readiness of the dwelling, the couple did just that. Despite the fact that the home is "under contract" Barry and Michelle have moved all of their possessions into the home and have listed their New Jersey home for sale...

 We are in. (Well not literally). I am a big fan of The Onion, hope this made you smile. Tell me about the land in Woodstock? Loved the home. M&B

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