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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Catskill Farms Brand

I've been told more than once that I have a good head for marketing.  Actually, some people use the word 'genius' but since I'm trying not to play into the hands of those who want asshole validation, I thought I would tone it down a little.

I guess I do have a knack for it since we have branded ourselves like no other company in the Catskills, possibly the region and maybe even the country.  It's a brand that stays fresh, understands its market and stays true to its mission.

I mean we don't go for the lowest common denominator - we aim to skim the cream off the top.  We are picky who we want our message to reach, and by consequence, those who the message is not for are not engaged in the least.  It's a laser-like message with a sweet small niche of a target audience.

I've been riding around in my car with hundreds of buyers and would-be buyers over the past 10 years and I got to know them well.  I get what they are looking for and it's not just a floor plan.  It's an idea, a sophisticated thought, an inspired ambition.

So when I tell Brandi off, or I joke around about being an asshole, I know who I'm speaking to, who I'm aiming for.  And our brand has always been to connect uniquely, personally - in our message, in our process, in our goals and product.  I know my clients can take a joke, get some raw humor, understand a business journey, appreciate the unvarnished reflections.

In the end, our brand is intensely personal, to both me and our clients.  And that is a very hard thing to pull off, and nearly impossible to feign.

And the proof of our success of marketing realness would have to be the proof in the pudding (or possible the new bay front condo in Miami Beach I just bought).

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  1. Document, Document, Document, and if possible, have a video recorder on your premises that way if they ever come on your property again, you have proof.