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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nice Morning Greeting

From Anonymous, as a comment to my blog -

"Yes. You are a charmer. Both men and women get flustered. Keep up the excellent work across the state. You are one of the best business people we have met."

Considering how savvy and broadly experienced our clients tend to be, this is quite the compliment.


  1. Don't get to big of a head now...

  2. Seriously? You really need to stop with the self-congratulation and lack of self-awareness. And possibly rethink the blogging part of your marketing strategy.

    And for the record - I doubt everyone gets flustered around you. No, really. You're not as good looking as you think you are. Your kid, adorable. You? Yeah, not so much.

    I was considering being a customer. I very seriously doubt that, though, after your recent flurry of blogging/pulling the curtain back to reveal... ta-da: you're an egomaniacal blowhard who has convinced himself, and is telling everyone that will read it, that he's super special and super smart and super good-looking and super beneficent, a virtual god of the Catskills. Well, guess what – the people that are, actually, those things don’t feel the need to shout it from the hilltops. Perhaps a metaphorical mirror is in order?

    1. I don't know..... I get flustered every time I'm around him.......butterflies...., ears buzzing, can't speak, fumbling around.... "God of the Catskills" ..... sounds about right!

  3. I believe you may have a point here, although it could be said that what you perceive as self-indulgence is just marketing, and also some well-deserved shout outs to our great team, and our commitment to making the dream happen for over 100 families. The fact that my business has been able to remain personal and have a personality as we have grown is something that is quite unique.

    But, you do prove my marketing thesis completely - don't try to all to everyone, pick a niche, communicate to them, and let the others go someone else. Wasting time with folks who don't 'get it' is just wasting time, which is lethal to a small business.

    And never underestimate how much flak we get being number one in the region in very poor areas - it's not always fun and a little venting and tongue-cheek-pump-me-up is a good diversion.

  4. but on the same note, dude - lighten up. It's all in good fun. And on a marketing note, to get customers to interact on the level we sometimes do is exactly what social media aims for, and mostly fails to deliver.