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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Yahzaa - Hard to Believe

Ever since my rant the other day and then a few quick follow up posts, my phone has been ringing off the hook and inbox filled with would-be clients that have been 'stalking my website for years', know 'my website and my life inside and out', and loads of other great feedback including from Tommy from Brooklyn today who literally called me up and said "listen, dude, seriously, I've been jerking off to the pictures on your website"(that's how he started the conversation).  It's funny how it works - bombarded all day long with plastics, phoneyisms, disingenuity, and shallow appeals for attention, I come in with a real hard-earned opinion that rings true and people get it, appreciate, applaud it, want to be part of it.  Why not - there's so much self-righteous, self-important, dumbass, bullshit out there, that something with some balls is a nice comic relief every once and again.

Over the past 2 weeks -

Cottage 35, Narrowsburg, going into Contract.
Cottage 39, Eldred, going into Contract
Cottage 41, Livingston Manor, going into Contract
The Shack, Narrowsburg, going into Contract

Working on 2 big custom house deals in Stone Ridge and Chatham NY.

Now granted, 2 of these deals aren't our rock solid no doubt about it deals, but I have a feeling I'm gonna nurse 'em right home to momma.

Waiting for the laundry to dry which was long overdue cause I kept forgetting to buy laundry detergent.  I was tempted to just run 'em through with water, but I didn't.  I had no idea Wisk cost $14.

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