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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cottage 39 Goes to Contract And the Shack is Sold

 It's a dreamboat of a house - modeled after that winner Cottage 1, which started our path to fame and fortune, way back in 2007, when the local real estate community scoffed at the idea of a 2 bedroom 1300 sq ft home.

For under $330k, this home is rocking outside of Barryville NY.   We have a new strategy in Sullivan County with our spec homes (homes whos construction began without a buyer signed up) this year and that is to build the home, carve in the driveway, put the roof, windows and even the siding on so it can really be visualized by potential new homeowners, but leave the interior completely unfinished so the new homeowners can put their stamp on it.

And the Man Shed.
So congrats Todd and Tomoko.  You're gonna love it up here.

And the The Shack - that adorable little 500 sq ft 1 bedroom house up on Lucky Lake Road.  The house everyone wanted to see, the house I've owned for awhile.

Wow, the Shack, Ranch V - small 1 bedrooms that were built as the market and the magazines and my market information were pointing to smaller and lower price point.  Then, just like that, at the end of 2010, bam, the market changed for us and 2011 was not the year of the tiny house but actually the year of 3 bedroom 1500 sq ft farmhouses.  Just makes you value being a company that can turn on a dime, keep its ear close to the tracks and pivot into the prevailing winds, however slight and modest they may be.


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